Covid 19 Guidelines

We follow a strict Covid-19 operation, to consider the welfare of you and our staff. Before attending our site, please familiarise yourself with our guidelines to help us reduce the spread of Covid-19. 


All visitors are required to return the documents with advice regarding risk signed and dated before coming to the centre.


All visitors must wait outside the entrance door to the room until asked to come in by a member of staff.


All visitors will be required to follow the instructions given by the volunteers regarding social distancing, hand washing, temperature checks and personal protective equipment. All visitors are required to wear masks or face coverings while in communal areas. All visitors will need to provide their own.


Visits may be restricted to 1 hour sessions with a break to allow for cleaning of the communal areas and the contact space in the room. You will be advised in advance, if this becomes necessary. Please arrive on time. Any times for handover/ handback arrangements can be continued.


All parents and children when in the contact room will be required to remain in their designated space for the entire visit except for visits to the toilets. Please ask a member of staff before leaving the room.


No toys, books or games will be provided for the time being so please bring your own entertainment for your children.


No drinks or snacks will be available so please bring your own and for your children. Please bring a bag for your rubbish and place it in the large bin provided before leaving or take it home with you.


No waiting room facilities will be available. Resident parents who wish to remain nearby are requested to wait in their car and provide a contact telephone number. You will be informed immediately, if you are required to return.


Please do not bring anyone else with you to the visits unless they are specifically named on a Child Arrangement Order or prior permission has been given. (Resident & non-resident parents)


Staff and visitors are to remain 2 meters apart at-all-times. Private discussion areas will not be available. If you wish to discuss matters relating to contact, this can be done via telephone before or after a session.