Discover the Benefits of Using A Child Contact Centre


City Mission Child Contact Centre offers numerous benefits for separated families. Our services provide a safe, supportive, and structured environment for children to interact with their non-primary care parents. Let’s explore the key advantages of utilizing child contact centre services.

  • Safety and Security: Child contact centres ensure that all interactions take place in a secure and supervised environment. This reduces the risk of conflict and ensures the well-being of the child during visits.
  • Neutral Ground: Child Contact Centres are expected to provide a neutral setting that helps to minimize stress and tension, allowing children to feel more comfortable and relaxed during their visits.
  • Professional Supervision: Trained staff at within the Child Contact Centre are expected to monitor interactions, provide support, and intervene when necessary to ensure that all visits are positive and child-focused.
  • Consistency and Routine: Regular, structured visits help children adjust to new family dynamics, providing them with stability, predictability, and a sense of normalcy.
  • Support for Parents: Contact centres can also offer guidance and resources for parents, helping them navigate the complexities of co-parenting and separation. We provide the tools and support needed to foster successful co-parenting relationships.

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Utilizing a  Child Contact Centre can significantly benefit both children and parents by providing a safe, structured, and supportive environment for maintaining family bonds. 

To learn more about how our services can support your family, contact City Mission Child Contact today. We are here to help you create a nurturing and positive experience for your children